Call for Registration - NanoPol 2024



During the preparation of the Deep Green Inno project, University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" scored highest in entrepreneurial teaching and learning self-evaluation. We are proud of this partner and the team leader prof dr Maria Nikolova, who is narrowly specialized in coating 🎨 technologies. She “infected” us all during the kick off meeting with this important subject. Notably, coatings for prevention of the corrosion might save billions in damage yearly, and thus make plenty of funding available for more important investments such as infrastructure, education or social needs in the world. Hosting city of Ruse in Bulgaria has very long industrial tradition and thus, increasing entrepreneurial capacity of the students of technical sciences opens the door for further economic strengthening of the society.

University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" organized this time their own workshop within the frame of Deep Green Inno project, where other partners are also coming as guests lecturers. This is the opportunity where all of partners will transfer their knowledge 💡 both in exciting new materials and technologies, but also, very importantly, on entrepreneurships that goes along. Possibilities to attract investments in green 📗 deep tech will also be the focus of discussions.

We are looking forward 👍 to hear first impressions and see first images of the atmosphere from this so diligently prepared event in our project!

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