Research administrators are the driving force behind the success of us researchers. We were invited speakers at the opening conference of the V4+WB RMA Network Plus project coordinated by HÉTFA Group, and held in Bratislava this week. We talked about our path towards Deep Green Inno project. With stressing what it meant to us that our ideas, purely based on material sciences and our desire to do as many experiments and research, was actually "shaped into" the form of project by our dr Anđela Pepić, the best project administrator, now also a teacher that one can imagine. But we were trilled to learn how many excellent people in this, still under recognized profession work, all around Europe. We wish them all the lack of the world and thank them from the bottom of our hearts for being with us all the way. It was very inspiring to hear that our story and our respect for dr Anđela Pepić, motivated them to continue.

Deep Green Inno consortium would never have this great opportunity to spread the word and build the capacity on deep tech if there was not a great project support behind us.

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