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A super active week is behind our Deep Green Inno project team. Except successful POLIS University workshop, we are happy to show off performance at the University Union Nikola Tesla's workshop as well. ✌ Our educators, managed to really expand but still connect the subjects into our "deep tech" and "green" 🍀 mission. Environment and entrepreneurship stays the main focus for us but all centered around materials sciences. This time, wit two of the subjects talking on the ever-important valorisation of the mining waste as a still rich and explorable material, we also had a story on importance of deep tech when it comes to the safety of mining activities. Mining can be safe to its maximum, in order for us to obtain so necessary minerals and develop new technologies, but geohazards coming with mining must be very seriously taken into account, that was outlined with case study of Tuzla shown. One more "ground"related session was on valorisations in agricultural 🚜 waste and how new technologies with significant investments can bring about almost 100% usefulness and better performance.

Hosts, the University Union Nikola Tesla organised a very special excursion to the premises of our Associated partners Naučno-tehnološki park Novi Sad/ Science and Technology Park Novi Sad all in collaboration with one more associate partner University of Novi Sad. Visiting this location and learning on their methodology, one can understand how Serbia made miracles in terms of student entrepreneurship and support/promotion of sciences. All while contributing significantly to the country's GDP.

This visit motivated the partners and contributed to understanding of the importance of this type of knowledge dissemination and development accelerators, especially important for countries in consortium which are just starting to build their STPs, like Bosnia and Herzegovina. Deep Green Inno project helps depart with contributing to this exciting journey 🛫

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