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In today's world, much attention is given to the AI 🔍 . We are still exploring how much positive ✅ and maybe negative ❌ influence it will have on our minds overall, being it in professional or private life. While on some places it will surely benefit and release humans from repetitive work, it is a bit scary to think about how overuse of AI could cause our brains to work slower 💤 or new generations to be lazier than those before.

Half the way around, lays something that is for sure efficient and fast, but still creative and stimulating. That is the responsible use of the softwares! Students of our partner UNIBL (Faculty of Sciences, University of Banja Luka) focused during this phase in Deep Green Inno project on different softwares, important for working in new material development, but which still demand a lot of thinking and brainstorming 💥 when data are complicated. They got acquainted to the newest software and extensive database helping them analyse FTIR spectra. These are sometimes overlapping and impossible to resolve automatically if you do not apply extensive knowledge in chemical ⛓ bonding.

They trained also in the Image-J, freely available software helping resolve the particle size distribution when working with nanoparticles and ultra microparticles. Not only from professors, they also learned from their pears. Special thanks to the UNDP entrepreneurship award winning young researcher Marija Stojaković employed at Deep Green Inno projects for sharing lots of tricks in these skills from her perspective. Students were at the end of trainings able to present their work in front of the colleagues and the senior professors with extensive industrial experience. Presentations were held in the Material innovation centre, newly established structure through Deep Green Inno project. Much learned and lots of joy in successful and colorful presentations of their training results ➰ .

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