Establishing new partnerships for all HEI partners in Deep Green Inno project meant more than just KPIs on the paper. These were living communications, students being mentored in these new partners' premises, supporting their ambitions for scale-up with the data we can provide from academia. More than anything, our students were able feel how fruitful it is when academia and industry sit down at the table and discuss new ideas. Such approach always leads to new and fresh ideas, not limited to either side of the two.

Our partner Faculty of Sciences, University of Banja Luka proudly signed the contracts for Scientific-technical collaboration with three small but highly successful local industries, jointly employing over 100 people. Multiple mentoring for the students were realized in their premises during the first phase and the data derived at the Faculty gave completely clear directions for scaling up their productions. Signing ceremony was covered by the TV news report: link

"Colorit" 🎨 company produces over 15000 tonnes of the facades and exports in multiple EU countries, and is now it the second generation of the family leadership. Data obtained by mentored students helped their plans for future investment in sustainable domestic raw materials with great ambitions in the area of eco-facades. "Prizma comerc" is the a metal recycling ♻ company, lead by third family generation, and has strong ambitions in scaling up their production and become leader in recycling of the electronic waste. UNIBL supplied them with crucial data on ecologically acceptable extraction of copper from PCB boards which can be now tried in realistic industrial conditions. "Kona" company possess state-of-the-art pyrolisis 🔥 furnaces and produces wooden charcoal for the reduction in Bosnian steel and the silicon metal industry. Now, with the collaboration with our partners, they understood that they could scale up their production to the highly nanoporous, activated carbons for water treatments and moreover, rely on domestic raw materials in that new technology.

New challenges and new ideas are yet to be born in the exciting months ahead of us 🌠 .

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