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IUS buzzed with activity as it hosted the symposium, titled "BioNano Innovations for Cancer Therapy with Small Molecules and Engineered Nanoparticles" through Deep Green Inno. Symposium was organized by team leader Altijana Hromić-Jahjefendić and targeted the GBE students. Additional educators were experts, our partners from the CNR SCITEC 'Giulio Natta' Dr Laura Polito, Dr Daniela Arosio and Dr. Raffaella Soave. They shared their fascinating research on cutting-edge cancer therapies, giving our students a glimpse into the future of medicine and importance of preventing these deaceses by keeping the nature clean and all the technologies as 🌱 "green" 🌱 as possible which is exactly our project's educational goal.

After soaking up all the innovative ideas at the symposium, the programme got even better with an industry visit 🚌 . Students from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Business and Administration headed out to Greens Social Enterprises. This visit was part of the Deep Green Inno study trips and offered a unique look at sustainable farming practices. Student were able to discovere how Greens combines sustainability, profitability, and inclusiveness in its business model.

Greens was founded in 2018 to meet the growing need for healthy nutrition and to provide job opportunities for people with disabilities. It’s the first company in Bosnia and Herzegovina to specialize in micro-vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers 🌼 —all without chemicals. The company was started with support from ProReha, a non-governmental organization that focuses on the work rehabilitation, education, and employment of people with disabilities and other groups who face job market challenges. ProReha’s mission is to promote organic food production and develop training and job opportunities for people with disabilities.

These events highlight the DeepGreenInno project's mission to bridge the gap between science and business while engaging a wide range of participants: 🐞 🦋🐞 🦋🐞 🦋

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