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EIT HEI Initiative

The series of wider audience events in Deep Green Inno project is completing with the NanoPol20024 conference, organized by our coordinators, Faculty of Sciences, University of Banja Luka. The Consortium was happy also to host the plenary speaker prof dr Dragana Tomasevic Pilipovic from our associate partner institution University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Sciences.

Subjects of not only green technologies in NANOmaterials and POLymers, but also very much about their safety 👩‍🚒 and necessity for care in handling them, were also promoted. Plenary speaker prof dr Anita Grozdanov's participation was supported by the Western Balkans Fund whom we thank very much 🌷 . Special guest was also prof dr Miroslav Huskić and the hybrid participation of dr Eyad KHALAF was highly appreciated. Other speakers were from our Consortium (dr Matteo Guidotti, prof dr Radovan Kukobat, Drago Gverić) while most of the posters presented were including many students trained along the Deep Green Inno project. One of their teams studying kaolinite have got the best poster award 🥇 . Together with EIT HEI Initiative where our project belongs, NanoPol was also a synergy of other great initiatives. COST Association - European Cooperation in Science and Technology had their promo stand lively tended by Prof dr Smiljana Paraš 🌟 .

Ministry of Scientific Research Development and Higher Education of Republika Srpska gave its annual co-financing to this event and helped increase the diversity of the guests at this project under EIT Manufacturing. Vice Minister prof dr Jelena STARČEVIĆ opened the conference and expressed the Ministry's satisfaction in increasing participation in EIT - European Institute of Innovation and Technology projects. She also emphasized a unique focus of this conference on nanomaterials and polymers, increasingly important classes of materials, produced domestically in Bosnia and Herzegovina. EIT Deep Tech Talent initiative is going to contribute to educating ever more young people in these areas, helping boost the economy of the region by valorization of its raw materials.

TV NEWS COVERAGE of the event is here: link

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