The latest National Workshop of the Deep Green Inno project took place at POLIS University in Tirana between November 2nd and 3rd, with the participation of four other partner teams: project coordinator with her team from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Banja Luka, Innovation Centre Banja Luka, CNR SCITEC 'Giulio Natta' and Innovation Greece.

The first day of the Workshop was scheduled around the exchange of effective research instruments for the green 🍀 transition, whereby partners shared their expertise on a diverse range of topics from chemistry 💧 and critical raw materials to nanotechnology to civil engineering 🏢 , leading to crucial discussions around the future of material procurement, processing, and recycling.

The following day, the Workshop was designed with a more practical approach, outlining potential pathways from research to innovation, how knowledge transfer takes place in different industries, and what the key challenges and opportunities are both in the short and long term. After the seminar, the partners attended a visit to CCALB lead and aluminum recycling ♻ plant based in the nearby town of Elbasan (a historically industrial area in Albania known for its metal-processing plants), where the engineers provided an overview of their refinery production line and the current market of battery recycling in the country. Impressive options for the complete zero waste in car battery recycling was shown and gave incredible inputs for further education of the students at 5 HEIs in the project towards entrepreneurial and technological possibilities in this area.

Plenty of valuable knowledge, and great impressions about the hosting efforts to bring home. Thank you POLIS University.

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