From the students' 👩‍🔬 point of view our Deep Green Inno project value becomes most "visible" when new equipment is supported. All of our consortium partners have purchased or co-financed number of the "new structures" arranged exactly with help of these infrastructural boost-ups. Here we share the joy and curiosity of the IUS students with the team leader prof. dr Altijana Hromić-Jahjefendić in setting ups of their "new structures". In particular, students mentored through the project, got an exclusive opportunity to be the first to undergo training on it. Cutting-edge autoclave technology will aid in the drying of pyrophyllite following EDTA leaching ⚗ which will eventually speed up following experiments in this area of material science. This practical experience strengthens their capacity in developing the next generation of scientific leaders, as our colleagues from this partner say. Moreover, the study they perform could lead to serious results in supporting 🤞 the industrial partner AD HARBI d.o.o. with whom they signed the agreement. Looking forward the new ideas for potential applications of Bosnian pyrophyllite, the largest deposit of this amazing clay in the world.

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