Call for Registration - NanoPol 2024



Support to scaling up 🌠 in newly established industrial partnerships is one of the central ideas of EIT HEI Initiative. Deep Green Inno project is proud to show the final phases of the successful cooperation with GreMa 3D in Bulgaria. Our partners, University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" shaped the mentoring of their students through this incredible industrial collaboration. After signing a partnership agreement, the multiple visits of students to the company trained them in the deep tech field of high-precision 3D scanning, CAD design, reverse engineering and 3D printing .

Beyond the creation of new products made of metals, ceramics, silicone, and thermoplastics, these new technologies can be applied to the 🔁 reverse engineering of worn-out or broken 🔧 parts. This contributes strongly to prolonging the life of the products and environmental protection ♻ in general, by reducing the unnecessary waste. Students learned a lot about the most efficient approach to digitising the models by a four-step scan-to-CAD workflow with professional high-precision 3D scanners for reverse engineering or fast prototyping of a manufacturable model.

We hope the students pursue numerous scientific endeavours and finish their theses with success soon 🤞 .

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