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Deep Green Inno project is ambitiously walking its path into trying to bring lasting changes into out five HEIs involved, by enriching 💎 the teaching program with promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship. Competitions related to the improved study contents are a great way for that.

One of the final events of our first phase was also the competition in innovative ideas for the students of final university year at the coordinator Faculty of Sciences, University of Banja Luka premises. The competition was preceded by the months of the training programs which were complementary to the subjects of "Nanochemistry" and "Contemporary Materials" at the final year and master program ⚓ . This semester have seen a novelty where students were officially having the lectures with added value in training and extensive number of industrial visits thanks to the Deep Green Inno project. The proposition for the competition were to focus solely on domestic primary and secondary raw materials as the resource but to search the newest literature and worldwide examples of contemporary technologies where they can be used. The pitching itself was designed so that the students needed to think of the independent jury members as the imaginary "10 million euro investors", trying to convince them into the technology of choice, but which has the sustainable material chain in this country.

Jury have selected 3 best out of 8 finalists 🏆 . Overall atmosphere at the final pitching was very positive with dedication to make this competition a tradition, and something that will motivate students at the final year of study even more, to give their best and think about innovations.

We acknowledge the Ministry of scientific-technological development and higher education of Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina, which awarded a co-financing to the Deep Green Inno project as a support for the student prizes (contract number 19.032/966-79/22). link

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