Call for Registration - NanoPol 2024



Whole consortium is happy to extend the compliments to our youngest team in the project, the colleagues from IUS, for perfectly organizing their workshop "Entrepreneurship in the Age of Green Technologies".

All of the speakers were happy to share with IUS students their results, experiences and thoughts. Importance of humanity 🙌 and ethics was the subject of choice for most of them. We talked open science and data reposition as the way to universal knowledge both in material sciences and all others, but also about the role of AI and its endangering the need for human work. Special guest Matija Goljar gave a very strong motivational speech about the startup creation, all the ups and downs on those paths. His presence was the added value thanks to the Sarajevo cantonal government support to Deep Green Inno.

As most of the activities, this workshop was the finalisation of the part of the programme with students, and the last day brought us to Konjic city in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, visiting the AD HARBI d.o.o. company that is investing in exploration of the pyrophyllite mine in this city 🌆 . Meeting with their broader team of young engineers and board members, gave us a perspective of how diverse this material's application could be. From agriculture, biomedical application to superior ceramics 🥂 , its is all deep tech in its finest. Great application which have a certain market ahead but which are demanding higher investing values.

See you again in Bulgaria soon! University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" colleagues are expecting us on blue 📘 Danube 🌊

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