Call for Registration - NanoPol 2024



Students from the Faculty of Construction Management at our partner institution University Union Nikola Tesla recently attended the International Construction Fair in Belgrade 🏗 . This event presented an excellent opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with top innovations and experts in the construction industry and was part of their training within the Deep Green Inno project.

Students were curious and had the opportunity to participate in discussions on the latest trends, technologies, and practices in construction. They heard inspiring stories and advice from leading experts in this field. This was a very lively opportunity for them to explore a wide range of ✅ green construction materials, equipment, and technologies shaping the future of the industry. In construction is all about producing materials and performing the building with the least quantity of energy 🔋 possible, but also about using informatics and robotics in these processes. The knowledge gained during the classroom have got the shape and color 🎨 for them at this international event.

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