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Second day of the NanoPol conference included industrial study trip 🚌 and took us to the Prnjavor city This is one of the most vibrant cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. First we were warmly welcomed by the mayor prof dr Darko TOMAŠ who presented some of the "secrets" to the extraordinary success of entrepreneurship stimulations in this city. Very pleasant curiosity was the story on 13 nationalities living in this city especially for Italian guests who learned that there is even an Italian village in Prnjavor, where a 19th century dialect is spoken, not existing in Italy anymore. 🍡 Through the thorough presentation about the entrepreneurship 🏆 success in Prnjavor, we could see what a young person with adequate knowledge and the right team can do for the community. Prof Tomaš is not only a mayor, he is also one of the favorite professors at the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka, our coordinating institution. His handling of numbers impressed our guests and students.

The visit concluded by targeted visit to the "Mladegspak" company in Prnjavor, a food industry famous for its Bonito brand: Engineers guided us with emphasize on their digitalized 💻 process of production control, clean energy investments and the full recycle of the polymer waste in their packaging plant. Deep Tech at its finest, we learned how digitalization and large investments in automatization of the process actually help engineers focus more on the safety-related issues and bring safe food on our tables. Hosts were also very proud of their large ongoing investments in solar energy and proudly showed off large piles of panels under construction ⚡ ☀.

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