Coordination of the Deep Green Inno project by Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular has very much to do with incredible mining history of this country, which has a continuation for centuries and was never abandoned. One of the guardians of this tradition is also "Kreševski Citrin" an association of professional and amateur geologists from this city. They held their 20th mineral fair this weekend and the Faculty of Sciences, University of Banja Luka project team saw this as an exciting networking opportunity and gave their contribution to the event. Team had meetings with city officials, entrepreneurs, geologists, teachers, mining engineers and even Australian investor who runs two middle sized companies in Bosnia for over a decade. Kreševo is geographically in the heart of the country and its mineral resources are so diverse that some of them still have not been mapped. This is why our project was there promoting the possibilities for the products of the increased value, but also the importance of preservation of the natural beauty of this incredible region. There are multiple geological research activities by foreign investors in the vicinity and thus environmental and "green" subjects are more than important at this moment.

Local officials presented vividly about how they attracted the investors and entrepreneurs up to the level that currently dozens of experts and workers commute to Kreševo from Sarajevo and other cities to work. There is more work positions than the population which is an incredible data. Kreševo is also proud of its state of the art water factory, Franciscan monastery, Hobitton village and pristine trout pond which attract also many visitors.

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